User Experience Lessons From Taco Bell (Video)

User Experience Lessons From Taco Bell (Video)

Last year I had the pleasure of developing and leading a webinar about the synergistic power of User Experience, SEO and SEM in candidate attraction. It featured the remarkable Tracey Russell,the Director of Human Resources for Taco Bell as we explored her challenges in candidate flow and lead generation. We talked about the shift in mindset and strategy that lifted their free candidate traffic by 300%, produced amazing PPC results and, of course, increased their lead generation.

Her challenges and the appropriate solutions apply across vertical and audiences. You can ‘cut to the chase’ of the webinar video here where we discuss user experience challenges and solutions, including the need to ‘think like your audience.’ As you watch it, just replace the ‘job seeking’ target audience with your own.

The same rationale applies across audiences because users tend to have similar focuses even if the topic environment changes: How quickly can I find the information I need?, How can I easily complete my task/achieve my goal? 

Want to find movie times? User Experience.

Want to book a flight? User Experience.

Either an experience is easy or it’s hard. And people leave bad experiences. One great indicator of bad experience abandonment is the device-specific trend where a growing number of people indicate that they will abandon bad mobile web experiences (61% indicate that they will leave a bad mobile experience).

Here’s the thing: User experience matters. Everywhere. Always.

We often think of user experience for digital environments. But UX is what drives end-caps in retail stores, or the assortment of impulse purchase items by cash registers. UX influences fast-food drive throughs.

It’s everywhere. Because we – the users – are everywhere.

As content marketing continues to grow – understanding that we need to create messages that educate and add value – you have to respect the experience surrounding that content. And the fact is we have to constantly create optimal user experiences in a world where the solution will never be static.

Today we have to allow for mobile, tomorrow we may have to determine the best wearable-technology user experience. The technology and user expectations keep changing and we have to be informed and proactive to meet those changes without being knee-jerk reactive. 

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